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Thank you! I was a bit Bummed out when i received the car Friday the over all shape of the car is 6.5/10 , when i though it was a 8/10 or what i was lead to believe; regardless i was able to start the car with the hit of a hammer in while unloading it from the transporter so at least it "runs"

It has a pretty bad exhuast leak at the manifold that i was not advised of and it idles very rough , not sure if the actual leak could be causing this?

I ordered some maintenance items along with new gaskets.

The "manual top conversion" was in-fact nothing but disconnected motors so that needs sorting as well a proper conversion is in the list among other things.

I do see the appearance package cars are not really seen as a true Mtech cars or maybe not that "rare" ? I think investment wise they both should see an increase in the near future or at least they deserve it as they are the very end of the E30 chassis era.

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Congratulations on the new addition Franco! Can’t wait to see the “transformation” to come...

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