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Originally Posted by cale View Post
Now change that politically motivated graffiti for tossing trash cans into Starbucks windows or tossing piss bottles and you'll be able to get a reasonable guesstimation on how the general public perceives those actions. They're not the same.
what i'm trying to put down here is that i've never done or seen anyone do either of those things in the course of taking direct action.

the media's portrayal of what antifa does is unsurprisingly inaccurate.

"art/vandalism for a political cause" is much more in line with what i've done with our local group, and a lot of the time we'll do something like rent a uhaul pickup, throw a generator and projector in the back, and put messages on the outside wall of a government building- you can't even call that vandalism, as there's no property damage involved.

at this point, i've spent 10x as much time arguing here on r3v about what antifa really is/does as i have actually taking action myself, and the closest i've come to breaking the law is saying "fuck you, make me" when a cop told me to move back from their security cordon around a group of proud boy assholes that showed up to the memorial of a girl who'd been murdered by a white supremacist. i got hit, but not arrested, for that.

other than that, my locality has been quiet, and we/i have done exactly what i said we would in the absence of a threat- went back to our lives.

i don't know who you think the movement consists of, but we all have lives, jobs, relationships, and hobbies (in my case, vehicles and music)- like, are you imagining a george-soros-funded resistance cell occupying some abandoned building and storing a cache of piss bottles? because that's not what's happening.
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