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So I was in a coffee joint the other day, one of those sort of "hipster" ones with quirky trinkets and whatnot displayed all over. In one counter spot, there were some big pins of Mao, seemingly big patriotic ones (or replicas). Seeing that got me thinking about how ridiculously bad history lessons are, or at least how lop-sided they are.

If this place had Hitler pins on display, they would be out of business within 2 days of it being front-page news. Yet, for whatever insane reason, displaying images of Mao is considered OK, "ironic" and even in many circles, an affirmation of one's progressive cred. When I clicked into this subforum and saw this thread up top, I noted that OP mentioned that Antifa is made up of a bunch of "progressive radicals", of which a large cohort are self-proclaimed communists.

Anything and everything under the sun is decried as fascist and worthy of violent resistance these days. One of Trump's goons mis-stated some statistic as being 88% (versus 84%) and it literally made front-page news as being a dog-whistle to white supremacists and fascists. Now, unless I am mistaken, the main objection to fascism is that it has murderous results. Right? All-up, fascism killed a LOT of people, most of them 100% deliberately (ethnic cleansing, political purges, because-we-can intimidation). It is SO bad that anyone even suspected of harboring sympathy to fascism is fair game for harassment and violence from today's resistance.

OK, so where on earth am I going with this?

Back to the Mao pin and Antifa having a HUGE cohort of communists in it, all claiming to be fighting for the forces of good. Let's go over some basic historical facts from the last century. The three largest body counts:

Hitler: 17 million
Mao: 50-80 million (they weren't quite as good with the bookkepping as the Germans)
Stalin: 23 million

These are widely considered the most horrific figures in history, in terms of actions, and especially in terms of deaths. One is a fascist. Two are communists. The fascist's count was almost 100% deliberate and the result of technologies specifically created to exterminate human life. The communists easily dwarfed that with starvation alone (someone PLEASE try to make the argument that "oops" makes it OK), and then when you add in the genocides and purges of "undesirable social elements" it is right up there with the Fascist. Communism's murderousness exceeds that of fascism by a wide margin, with documentation proving it beyond any possible argument to the contrary.

Antifa runs around "fighting fascism" because it proved to be a murderous scourge (note that I agree about that part, less so on whether we actually have fascists in any serious number existing today), while having a huge internal element full of people who are avowed lovers of an even MORE murderous ideology. People with the slightest suspicion of sympathy to fascism are harrassed, yet people who are openly pro-communism are somehow running around with some sort of claim to the moral high ground, and the other "lovers of human life" are right there next to them fighting the good fight? Sorry, it makes no sense, and anyone with a 7th grade understanding of history wrote Antifa off the second they saw who all was comprising it. The political left has gone so far off the rails that you can actually walk down the street in a Mao or Stalin shirt and expect to both NOT be harrassed and in many places receive a high-five. The facts of reality are that those are as bad as wearing a Hitler shirt if any of the same metrics of "badness" are applied uniformly.

I will give Antifa one point at least. Back in Hitler's time, the communists and fascists were duking it out as mortal enemies. So there is some sort of historical consistency there, I guess. Had the communists won-out in Germany, even MORE people probably would have died, but I guess it would have been "all in the name of progress" since the inevitable famine would not have targeted the Jewish population specifically. So if random people on the street, who may or may not be fascist sympathizers, are worthy of receiving physical violence, then I hope that the non-communists in Antifa wise up and start throwing some punches at the communists next to them. You and your family are more likely to end up dead (probably from starvation) if those guys get to run things.

The socialist cohort, when judging by history, is not all that far behind the fascists either. South America has a lot of unmarked mass graves from the glorious push toward socialist utopia, many of which are being dug right now.

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