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Originally Posted by MR E30 325is View Post
Sounds good!

You totally stole my idea of 'modernizing' an E30 chassis too! Excited to see where you go with it, as I may steal some of your ideas along the way.

Reading your build thread, with its pretty awesome introduction, makes me want to get another build thread going.

I gotta get a move on.
I originally had the idea to do this on the ix, but the community has come out with some really amazing things since then and its actually possible to do the things I want to do. Like keep the OEM radio, but with bluetooth installed, stealth gauges, USB charger, 1 touch windows from George Graves, HID retrofits, Clusters from BavRestoration. I feel confident that I can actually accomplish what I want. Also thanks to Jordan and Andrew325is my dreams will one day be a reality.

Also I keep checking on the project forum to see if you've posted a new thread, lol.

Originally Posted by TheWipprSnappr View Post
That's really cool that you and your dad got into e30s together. I'm sure I wouldn't know shit about cars today if it weren't for my dad helping me throughout the years. I've actually started getting him interested in e30s(not to the point where he would buy one, but he enjoys working on them). Also I like where you're going with this. I think I see some gc's in my future as well, what spring rates are you going with?
We may have gotten into e30s together but we couldn't be different, lol. He buys e30s to relive his past, I buy them to drive them and modify them. I really have to give my knowledge on cars to this forum and my uncle though. My dad is an engineer and I guess you have to be an engineer to learn from an engineer. Anyways I'm running 440/660 springs as per Ground Controls recommendation. I'm afraid they might be to stiff for what I want, but they are the experts and I'm not.

Some updates: My Ground Control Coilover Conversion Kit came in the mail yesterday. Its amazing how fast they got here.

Also I'm sure a few of you have seen me post this else where on the forum, but my drivetrain of choice for this modern e30 is none other than a M54 paired with a Zf 6 speed. I will be using Jordan's Swap Guide as a basic guideline of the swap, but I do have some of my own ideas that I want to try out. The M54 paired with my GC's and E46 M3 brakes will make it a blast to drive. I've already sourced a e34 oil pan, e38 728i windage tray, and a e38 728i oil pick up. For those who don't know the M54 is rear sump, and the e34 stuff won't bolt up to it. So the only options are custom (I don't trust myself), rear sump (Very expensive, and I would rather find an OEM solution), and e38 728i parts (BINGO!!). The e38 728i is front sump like the e30 and comes with the M52tub28, which is very similar to the M54. I also got a Shifter Carrier and Selector Rod from Reboot Engineering for my Zf 6 speed.

Windage Tray
Sump Tube

My friend asked me to go to the junkyard with him a few weeks back to help him pull a 3.73 LSD diff out of a e30 there and I found a Houndstooth interior. Its not even close to being in great shape. It has stains and holes every where, but its much better than my old seats. The previous owner converted the interior from tan to a black/gray/blue interior and used sedan seats so at least now I can access my back seats.

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