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I'm not too familiar with the E28 suspension, but was talking coilovers with a guy sticking an LS1 in his right now. Sounds like they're struts front/rear like the E21s in which case you could do coilovers with 2.5" springs for ~$300 if you have basic fab skills and intelligence.

My setup for my two '02s(so enough for one e28 )
2x A1 racing 7" bilstein threaded sleeve kits + two extra hats and threaded adjusting collars = $130
4x QA1 springs from summit racing @ $38/ea = 152
a bit of scrap steel, specifically I had a 2"OD 0.065 wall tube which I welded to the strut tube to sleeve between the strut tube OD(1.74" on an '02) and 2.13" on the aluminum collars.

Buy the 7" kit, you'll only have room for 3.5" or less of it on the strut tube so you can cut it in half.

For the support ring I was able to find a few 10gauge 1 7/8" ID 2 3/8" OD steel rings at my local fastener supply store(not the hardware store, the industrial district fastener supply store), welded those on as supports for the adjusting aluminum collars.

All said and done I had about $140 into each setup, vs $260 for the Ireland Engineering setup.
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