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Would like to give an update, since it is a holiday here in Germany, i decided to re-check everything once again to be certain.

Still can not find any vacuum leaks after several smoke tests, all sensors/DME pin read outs are within specs.

Fuel pressure (bypassing relay) is just a tad under 3 bar, fuel flow is around 1,000 ml in 30 seconds.

Fuel pressure when engine running is 2.6 bar, which is a bit lower than the manual specs. So i replaced it with a new 3.0bar unit, and it made no difference. Still showing 2.6 bar, no change with engine load (increasing the revs) and goes up to 3.0 bar when the vacuum line is removed.

Did several WOT runs, it pulls and runs just fine, in fact that engine responds really nicely when not on idle. I did have a strange warm start issue the other day, it cranked, fired and died twice (old FPR was installed).

If there was a blockage in the lines, then the fuel pump would also not rear correct pressure nor flow. New FPR is rated 3.0 bar but also gave me the same 2.6bar results, so i am unsure what to make of this now. Fuel filter was replaced around 2,000 kms ago.
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