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well and i finished mine. My rack came with its 1995 tie rods on it so i left them and did an eye-spec alignment but hey they work just as good i'd be surprised if they dont have the same ball joint. Took for a test drive and all works nicely and even my alignment is good but i'll take it in anyways. ty for the thread robert!

Here's a pic of the modified stock line. It basically needs to bends, one to open the curvature ever so slightly and anotherone to change the angle of the piece that connects to the new rack ~ 15-20degrees

use the stock metal piece of the line that goes to the resevoir and you just have to trim and inch or two, clamp and good to go.

e36 inner and outer tie rods ... hey i paid $4x.xx for all that. I used washers for spacers on the rack and knuckle so my entire swap including new bolts was under $50.

for those wondering i think its necesary to trim the upper side of the knucke because it will bind so just eat up some metal while you have it off the car and save some time and having to pull metal shavings out of your nose
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