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The shifter tray has a space for the ball on the shift lever to sit. This ball and socket connection is what allows you to shift gears by pulling or pushing on the shifter.

The shifter tray is 'rigidly' mounted to the body via some bushings. Your tray is disconnected now. So you no longer have this pivot point.

You will need to be towed. Do not attempt to drive this anywhere, unless you can safely stay at a low speed while on the road. If it were my car I'd have it towed.

You need to google E30 shifter tray and shifter linkage to familiarize yourself with the system. I do not have a picture to share with you.

The damage is not bad. You may need a new tray or shift linkage, but the world is far from being destroyed. But you'll have to get under your car to really figure out whats going on.
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