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Originally Posted by R3VM3UP View Post
Thanks for the feedback on header fitment guys. I'm planning to try the new Megan Racing S54 headers since they seem to be getting good reviews on the E46 and they are very reasonably priced. I expect I'll need to use a treehouse style FCAB to allow them to fit without modification. I'll be using them with an Arc Asylum modified subframe, and I plan on using revshift mounts.

I'm thinking I'll try to reuse some of the stock E46 M3 section 1 that I have to interface with the headers. Beyond that I'm not 100% sure where to go with the exhaust but it seems like a merge into a 3" at approximately the same position as the crossover on the E46 M3 is the easiest solution and likely pretty well optimized for maximizing power.

Be careful with cheap sets. I bought a cheap set off ebay and the manifold bolt holes weren't even close to lining up.
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