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cool another jersey e30, from which whereabouts are you from? i'm in essex county.

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'84 318's aren't worth that much, especially with that filthy engine bay and ratty interior.

Originally Posted by Ryan Stewart View Post
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$1500 tops
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Yesterday turned out to be quite interesting day to say the least. My girlfriend and I were looking forward to see this car all week. So after I got out of work I picked her up and ventured off to CT to see this car. Trip was suppose to take an hour each way but ended up being A LITTLE BIT LONGER.

When I got to the sellers's house and approached the car I was disappointed by the following previously unmentioned problems:

Cracked front windshield
cracked dash
No radio/rear speakers(simple fix but it was unmentioned)
uncharged battery

After a good bit of time walking around the car and analyzing it I asked to drive the car. We drove around and I have to admit I had a lot of fun driving it. Clutch felt good, suspension felt fine; a little bouncy at times, and it was loud as fuck!!! The echaust leak at the headers made it sound like a John Deere. The seller didnt know what kind of header it was.

Then came to the negotiating. I explain my honest opinion of the car and the disappointment i found with interior and made an offer of 1500. He replied with 1800. I came back with I wouldnt spend more than 1700 and even then I would have to think if I really wanted to take a car in that condition and work on it. I told him I'd be in touch and my lady and I headed back to jersey.

For 26 years old the cars exterior looked decent. It had a few imperfections and tiny spots of rust on the trunk. The interior had to be the biggest turn off for me. It was dirty and needed a lot of TLC.

The trip home was the most interesting part of the trip. We were on 15 about an hour from home coming down a hill. I pushed my clutch down and took the car out of gear BUT the clutch didnt come back up. it was pressed into the floor and I couldnt get into gear. I pulled over onto the little bit of shoulder that was on the side of the road and tried to figure out what was wrong. called a few people, almost had a tow truck tow me home for about $200 but decided to just drive home without a clutch. driving through the bronx and over the GWB during rush hour traffic with no clutch has to be the biggest bitch in the whole world. after a few panic attacks from the lady and several good laughs we made it home. I havent had time to drop the trans on the GTI and see exactly what it is but Im thinking its the clutch release bearings...im probably just going to change out the clutch and slave cylinder too. For an original clutch with 150K fun miles of hard driving I cant ask for more. It was time.

Final thoughts are to keep looking for something better. I would love to find a solid e30 that needs minor work but is clean overall this wasnt the one.

Cliff notes:
car was 6/10 IMO. cracked dash, cracked windshield, no radio, dirty interior loud as fuck, BUT FUN TO DRIVE. seller made final offer of 1600. the search continues
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Originally Posted by alB5 View Post
cool another jersey e30, from which whereabouts are you from? i'm in essex county.
Im in Bergen county, Garfield to be exact.
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