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Stripped 2 e8 Torx Head Bolts

I am tearing down a 93 M50B25 block and I stripped 2 e8 torx bolts
using e8 torx socket.

What is the best way to get these out?

in the photo you will see one in the plastic chain align thing
and another one bottom corner of screen the ones above the water pump
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I think I see them so I will give you my approach.

First, I would try and find a 12 point socket you can hammer onto the bolt head and possibly remove the bolt. I don't know if there is enough sticking up for a stud extractor to 'bite' on.

Second, I would go to the die grinder and try and cut the head off. Since they look like they are in the engine, they should come out with a strong magnet and twisting then out (unless they have thread locker).

Lastly, I would drill them out. Using a good center punch, the drill bit should not wander and be enough to remove the head. You will want a bit just larger than the screw diameter. Once the head is off, penetrating oil and a strong magnet as mentioned previously.

I am not sure if you are rebuilding the engine or not. Take care of the metal shavings. Shop vac would work great in this case. Good luck!
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