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Old 04-11-2016, 09:27 AM   #1
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DIY: How to install IS side skirts (video)

This is a video tutorial on how to install OEM IS Side Skirts on your E30. We tried to be as clear and straightforward as possible, but obviously are not trained professionals. Use your best judgement when working on your car. There may be other ways to do this job, but this worked very well for us.

!!This job requires for you to drill into your car's rocker panels. Be VERY careful...measure twice, three and four times...drill once!!

Tools needed:
- Drill
- 3/8" or Step Drill bit
- Center Punch
- Phillips Screwdriver
- 1/4 Ratchet
- 8mm Socket
- Measuring Tape
- Masking Tape
- Spray Paint / Sealer / Primer (black)
- Sharpie

We could not find a metric rivet tool fitting to utilize the metric rivets that came with the installation kit. We therefore sourced some bumper screws locally... they turned out to be 1/4" which is very close to the hole sizes at the back of your sideskirt. Again, this is what WE felt was a good solution...there are other ways to do this.

Here is the video
Click here for DIY: How to Install E30 IS Side Skirts (video)
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Old 07-07-2016, 04:40 PM   #2
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Perfect timing man! I'm about to install my side skirts and your video makes it look less intimidating than I had imagined. Thanks again.
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Old 07-09-2016, 09:03 PM   #3
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Thanks big time!
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Old 10-05-2016, 07:20 AM   #4
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We got a couple of messages and PM's asking where we bought these sport/Touring/IS side skirts. Multiple vendors have these, they seem to come and go in availability...but we purchased our set specifically from Abrahams Motorsport.

ECS Tuning also has the whole set: Side Skirt set on ECS
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Old 10-17-2016, 12:22 PM   #5
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Thanks for the great guide. Will be using it shortly.

FWIW I purchased the kit from Abrahams Motorsport. They had it in stock, shipped the next day, and they beat everyone else by close to $100 on the shipped price.

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