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All the 318ti parts in my Touring?

So I've been looking all over R3V and a few other E30 forums, for about 5 weeks and been to various sites but still haven't got a straight answer... Could I just take all the suspension, front and rear, plus the steering rack and all the 5 lug goodies from a late model euro spec 318ti and put in my touring ? Know I may need beefier springs, but what else am I missing? And if I could have it all(whole car or whatever I want) at a pretty great price would it be worth it to you? Can someone shine a light on this for me? Plan on doing it all and an engine swap(n54 or LSX) once back in the states eventually but should I pick this stuff up while I can? TIA

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Rear parts = yes. Front parts=maybe. Front won’t be a direct bolt in and go deal. Standard e36 front just doesn’t position the front wheel geometry in the correct spot hence people using the later m3 knuckles and control arms. There is a company called srs concepts that makes a control arm bearing that corrects the geometry as well..but I haven’t used and can’t speak with any authority on that. I used a front sleeve kit for e36/46 hubs and a rear z4 hub on my 5 lug fwiw
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