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Car aftermarket radio

I bought a aftermarket radio. My e30 is a 1991 and has the premium sound system. Do I have to run new wires? Ive read yes and no to new wires. I'd rather avoid it if I can. I'm confused with the wiring diagrams and the diys out there. Can I just directly connect the left front speaker wires (Yellow/Red) to the radio's left front speaker wire (white)? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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If you don't have a fader, yes, you can just hook up the existing wires. They're specifically colored (blue and yellow, one pair has black stripe, the other red stripe). If you have a fader, it's a little more complicated. You can trace the wires and delete the fader, then hook it up like a non-fader setup, or you can pull all the wires and run your own. The BMW wires are good quality and unless you're spending a lot of money on the rest of the stereo equipment, it'll be plenty good enough. My wiring was, unfortuantely, already all hacked up by previous owners' misadventures, so I had to run new anyway.
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george graves
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Really depends on what you want to do. Are you just slapping in a new head unit? Or you are about to embark on a whole e30 sound system?

If you just want to get a new head unit, use the stock wires.
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