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early e30 z3 short throw install DIY

anybody have a link to instructions for an early e30 z3 short throw install? I've been searching and cant find anything.
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hot carl
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i don't think it would be different than the later style install.
are you also doing the DSSR? do you plan on switching to the later style linkage?
i have an early car and did the DSSR and linkage swap but kept a stock length shifter. i can tell you that there are a couple differences in early vs late shifters. the shifter carrier and rear carrier mount are different. the selector rod is 190 mm on early cars, 187 on later. the selector rod joint changed from the off set to centered style in 87-88 or thereabouts. but i don't think any of those matter for a shifter swap.
the ball and cup and actual lever are the same for all years i believe.
where are you at with the swap? started buying parts? still researching?
since i just did this work and have an early car i could probably help.
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