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Mushroom Stew
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Air Lift Set Up?


Just curious what people's Air Lift set-ups are, and what their pros & cons are of it?

I know Im going with the 3P management, but Im not set on what compressor/tank set up I should go with. Ive heard of people running dual compressors etc. but not sure if that is really necessary. Do people recommend buying their compressors/tanks through Air Lift or going with something different?

Im not a guy who is going to be constantly raising/lowering the car either. Just raising it from time time depending on road conditions and airing out when parked for awhile.

Any info on what to run is much appreciated. TIA
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Dual compressor is mainly in case one of them goes out on you, it will also help shorten tank refill times. With a 3gallon tank, fully aired out to 50psi all around it uses up about 50psi from the tank.

I bought dual 444 viairs from amazon and bought my tank a long time ago. Looking back I wish I had gotten a seamless tank from bagriders, nicer profiles and sizes.

The airlift kit is a great setup in my opinion. The dual convoluted bags makes for a good ride, compliant but still firm. The 3p/3h is really cool. I like that when I turn the car on it goes up to ride height instantly.
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