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Old 01-30-2015, 12:43 PM   #136
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Location: germany
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almost done

E30 touring

M30b35 from an e34
Schmiedmann headers
No transmission yet
Garagistic mounts
M20 wiring

All I've done is replace gaskets and clean /paint parts
Keeping as cheap as possible for the moment.

Other couple things is
E36 sport seats (w/factory fire extinguisher)
Nardi steering wheel

Working on suede headliner and electric sunroof install

Gonna bring this baby stateside as soon as my time in Germany is over.

Will post pics once I load them to my computer, my phone doesn't want to let me.
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Location: Franklin, TN
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Hey guys I am in Franklin TN.
Ive got a 1991 325i that now has a m30b35 that I daily.

M30b35 from (91 e34 535i)
179 ecu
G260 5 speed trans from same e34
E30 shift linkages
Garagistic mounts
M20 rubber mounts
E28 radiator
No firewall modifications
E30 m20 wiring harness
E34 washer fluid reservoir
Stock A/C fan up front
E34 Air Intake
Replaced most gaskets and rubbers
E46 Steering Rack
E36 Tie Rods
Working Cruise Control and Power Steering
3.25 LSD from e28
E30 m20 manual drive shaft
Flange swap on transmission
Stock flywheel and Clutch
Stock Headers
Downpipes to Y-pipe 3in back
Used Toyota Catalytic Converter and Muffler
Borla 3" muffler at the end
H&R Sports with Bilstein Sports
Avid.1 AV-11 16x8 et +15
205/50/16 Kumho Ecsta AST
Rear fenders rolled

To Do:
Front Control Arms
Offset Bushings
Sway Bar Links
E90 top hats
Possible Valve adjustment

In the future:
Working A/C
R134 Converted

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Old 05-08-2015, 03:49 AM   #138
The München Monster
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Location: Auckland, New Zealand
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Auckland New Zealand

1988 M30B35
Getrag 262 late 70s four speed
E28 535 radiator
M20 mounts
Not sure about headers or driveshaft
Everything else is stock 318i stuff. Even brakes.
Superlow springs but stock shocks.
Cam is suspected of being aftermarket, lumpy idle
Stock open diff 3.91
but goes like hell, lots of fun. This is my first car and was auto m10 when i bought it.
Celebrating 30 years.
1986 E30 Coupe, assembled in Munich, West Germany, 7/7/86. M10 5 Speed cruisin' through time and space
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Old 07-25-2015, 11:43 AM   #139
Grease Monkey
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Join Date: Sep 2012
Location: Kennesaw, GA
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-MegaSquirt 2 - V3.0 Board
-Speed Density Tune w/ 2.5 bar Onboard MAP Sensor
-Stock M30B35 Crank Position Sensor
-Innovate MTX-L Wideband
-E36 3-Wire Throttle Position Sensor
-Closed Loop Idle Control with Stock 3-Wire Valve
-E30 Late Model M20B25 Engine Harness with E30 C191 connector

-1988 735i M30B35
-Free-Flow Intake + Pod Filter (No AFM/Airbox)
-Stock E34 Headers/Collectors > Y-Pipe with O2 bung > 2.5" single > eBay Resonator 2.5in/out > Magnaflow 12158
-Garagistic Engine Mount Arms
-Stock M20B25 Engine Mounts

-Stock M30B35 Water Pump/Hoses/T-Stat
-16" SPAL Pusher w/ custom mounts (manual and auto on/off with stock E30 wiring)
-Stock E28 535i Radiator

-Batch Fire Injection (2 groups of 3 injectors, 1 transistor per group)
-Bosch 440cc Green Top Injectors
-Stock M30B35 Pressure Regulator
-Stock E30 325i Pump

-Stock M30B35 Ignition Coil
-Stock M30B35 Plugs (NGK Variant)
-M20B25 Magnecor Plug Wires
-Stock M30B35 Cap/Rotor

-1991 535i G260 w/ M20B25 G260 Output Flange
-Stock Z3 1.9 Shifter Rod
-Stock/Unmodified 325i Shift Linkage
-Stock/Unmodified 325i Driveshaft
-Stock E28 M5 Clutch/Pressure Plate/Throw-Out Bearing
-Lightened Stock M30B34 Single-Mass Flywheel
-Stock E30 M20B25 Master and Slave Cylinders
-Stock/Unmodified 325i Transmission Crossmember
-E30 3.73 Limited Slip Diff

-Konig Rollers w/ 15mm spacers all around + hubcentric rings (15x7.5 ET32) (Unmodified Fenders)
-Hankook Ventus V2 Concept H457 (205-50-15)
-H&R Race Springs/Bilstein Sport Shocks
-E30 M3 Eccentric Front Control Arm Bushings
-Stock Sway Bars/Bushings
1989 325i Sedan
5-Speed Swapped
M30B35 Swapped
MegaSquirt 2 V3.0

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