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Been a short while

Hey, haven't updated in a little white but here is what has happened.

Some more parts arrived and I'll be breaking down the s62 to change the rod bearings and cams soon. I finished this weekend getting the m60 torn down (because I wanted to) and freed up space in the garage again. It was really interesting tearing the m60 down because I did not expect what I saw. The car loved to burn oil and I never found out why, the previous owner had the chain guides replaced not long before he sold me the car. Well, when I got to the guides, bolts were missing and working there way out... I was shocked by that to think I was using an engine in that condition. The icing on the cake though was a complete lack of an oil separator. I noticed while on a call actually when I saw the drain tube did not have its bolt to hold it in and was attached to nothing really. Also, one of the cylinder head bolts was warped and I needed to hammer my tool onto it to get that bolt out. I guess someone has taken the heads off before, I doubt the factory did that... Blew my mind, I mean that garage now has a thick layer of my brain all over it.

Aside from the the rod bearings looked ok but the main bearings all had scratches on them. Some significantly worse than other and the crank has scratches too. So now I am really glad that I did not opt to just sell the engine, jesus I could only imagine...

Also, took the steering box out to put in an m5 one That will happen soon but I also now have some e30 maintenance that needs to happen before I head to At The Vintage.

As for the parts, I searched by individual part numbers and basically chose between bavauto, ecs, pelican, and a couple other places to get the oem parts. no kits, just individual parts because that is cheaper... like building your own pc
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That is quite the update! I'm glad you learned why the m60 was burning oil, something to keep in mind for future engines.
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How is this progressing?
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wy b u no update?

Gigitty Gigitty!!!!

88 cabrio becoming alpina b6 3.5s transplanted s62
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88 325ix coupe manual lachsilber/cardinal
88 325ix coupe manual diamondschwartz/natur
87 e30 m3 for parts lachsilber/cardinal(serial number 7)
12 135i M sport cabrio grey/black
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Oh, there are updates. He's just forgotten about this thread. He's got a new steering box on the way, the suspension is coming out soon, the engine is currently in the middle of a rebuild, etc. Lots of progress.
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