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Pulling timing for nitrous

I have a supercharged (10 psi) m52 swapped into my e30 running on a TRM tuned Bosch 413 ecu. The car isn't fast enough and I'm going to be adding a 50 shot (direct port wet system).

Does anybody know how to pull timing for nitrous? I am used to carbed v8s where you can just hook up a msd timing retard box and be on your way.

Yes I know it might blow up but I don't really care I want an s52 anyway so it'll just give me a good excuse to swap one in there. Im also tired of having to ride my liter bike at tx2k because my car is so slow.
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There are a couple of ways you could do it. Standalone, or some manner of kludge with the stock EMS, such as tricking the ECU into pulling timing by spoofing the IAT sensor when the nitrous comes on.
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I wouldn't worry about the timing for just a 50 shot.
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