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M60 404DME TunerPro tuning resources

Hey guys,

I'm assuming you guys are using the 404 DME on your M60's and OBDI M62 conversions. I am also assuming that you have taken on the tuning to get the max out of your project and have run into some of the same walls I have.

I wanted to share with you what I've been working on; A slightly more in depth XDF file for TunerPro to use on the 404 DME bin tuning files.

I've come across two software versions of the M60 404 bin file. 357689 and 357153 with the 689 being the more common software used. Mind you, I am not a bosch motronic expert. I do not know how to reverse engineer the coding to find the maps. Yet, here is what I've come up with thus far and it is slightly better then the M60 XDF available on the tunerpro website.

If you've found this to be useful on your build I 'd truly appreciate if you would grow upon it, fix anything you find wrong. Identify some of the unknown maps. And upload your improved upon XDF, This is very much a work in progress.

Stock 404 DME software 357689 bin available from TunerPro:


404 DME software 357689 XDF for TunerPro:


404 DME software 357153 XDF for TunerPro:


I would also encourage you, if you haven't already; Install a Moates Ostrich 2.0 chip emulator. It's not necessary, but makes the tuning process much easier.

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