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Warning: E30 LuK clutch kit - 1990 325is

Just an FYI to hopefully save someone from the same hassle I'm going through now.

I have a 1990 325is and placed an order for a LuK clutch kit via RockAuto.com. Being a former E46 M3 owner and a current E39 M5 owner, LuK clutches are the OEM manufacturer for those cars, so I figure the E30 ought to be ok also.

Anyway, both the Luk Online Catalog (http://www.schaeffler-aftermarket.us...s/us/index.jsp) and the RockAuto catalog show LuK 03-011 as being the correct part number for a 1990 325is. I verified the number with LuK's catalog and figured I was good to go.

Wrong. The pressure plate won't even fit on the flywheel. After digging into it a little more, I've found there's an error in the Luk catalog, which I assume has filtered down to RockAuto's catalog (and potentially other resellers as well).

The correct part number is 03-023. LuK has it correct for the 87-89 325is (and for the 87-90 325i), but for some reason not the 1990 325is.

Hope this helps someone in the future!

*edit*, the 03-011 part number that LuK shows for the 1990 325iS appears to be an E36 clutch kit...

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