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Exclamation E30 won't start

Hi, so bought this e30 a while ago, been doing a bunch to it, can with the m20 with a badly setup turbo. So I started fixing everything up and i had installed a new fuel pump and when i went to test drive it blew a line and long story short my engine bay lit on fire. Now I had replace all the wires and lines that were affected, mainly the CPA wire. Now I have spark, but my fuel will cut in and out randomly. For example I have a fuel pressure tested hooked up, and usually I get zero, but a couple times every other couple days it'll start and show 25lbs. So i have been testing everything, CPA is giving 540, all of the ECU connections were tested and so far nothing. I have also tested the fuel pump, the connection to the fuel pump, as well as the fuse. When I jump the relay I get power to the fuel pump. What could be stopping the fuel ? I have hit a stump and do not know what to try anymore. Here are the ecu tests I did,http://www.rtsauto.com/ecu-pinout-an...cal-tests-e30/
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Sounds like an intermittent engine speed sensor problem. That is the forward of the 2 sensors in the bell housing of the transmission. The ECU uses this sensor to see a rotating engine and turn on the fuel pump.
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1, Body count of ancillaries that the engine needs to run.ICV ,fuel pump, MAF, CPS?
2, inspect the engine bay wiring for burn damage and then test electrically for continuity etc..

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