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Driveshaft removal with harmonic dampner help [good pics]


also posted this over in the project forum but figured if I wanted answers about driveline stuff I'd be best off asking in the correct technical forum

Trying to take out my transmission on my 1990 325i convertible. It's a manual transmission and I have followed all of the steps in the bently. My main question is how do you generate enough force to pull it off of the tranny flange. I have the driveshaft collar sleeve undone by the splines, I have the CBS loose as well as the guibo to trans flange bolts and driveshaft to diff flange bolts out.

The bently and others say to pull the CSB down a bit and then draw the DS back away from the transmission in effect pulling off of the centering bushing/pin. Problem is, It just won't budge. Is it safe to use a pry bar anywhere? Or am I missing anything? I'm assuming it should be hard to remove assuming that centering bushing is not to old. It's one of those things where once I see how it moves I can easily do it, but right now it seems like I'll just break something.

Here are the pics:

guibo to transmission bolts out:

guibo to transmission bolts second view - notice the other 3 studs are not removable

the diff flange and rear drive shaft studs:

the driveshaft collar sleeve loosened:

here it is pulled back - tons of junk up there. I applied liberal amounts of PB blaster

and here is a view showing the CBS is indeed unbolted when I actually attempt to collapse/fold/remove the DS:

I guess my main question is with the harmonic dampener.... the bently says I should have to rotate it 60 degrees to slide it off the tranmission flange, but after looking at the setup on my car, I can't see how that would facilitate removal at all. On my car, the guibo is completely accessible and the VD is between the guibo and the DS, not the guibo and the trans. It looks like you would just remove the VD with the guibo and DS as one thing, and then removing the VD once the DS is off the car. (I don't plan on removing it)

thoughts? I let it soak over the new year and I'm most likely going to be under the car again in a few hours. Any advice or tips is greatly appreciated!
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