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This guy sold me sold me a DME with a Dinan chip ($75) for a 91 318is. Filthy and corrodede to hell, that was also totally incorrect and when I let him know that it didnt work and was not even the right one, he starts giving me stories about how it came out of a running car. WHO CARES!!!! ITS NOT THE RIGHT PART!!!
Yeah it has the same plug, but the electronics inside look completely different. I offered to mail it back at no expense to him which I shouldnt even be willing to do.
Doesnt matter because he wont respond or reply to me anymore....DIRT BAG!!!
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Originally Posted by dbplays View Post
Interested in the chip if you still have it?
Based on this post I'd guess you got this 6-7 months ago. Why was this not brought up then?

EDIT: This didn't go anywhere and no proof of anything was provided either way. It also looks like you scream about everything based on your other posts.

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