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How can you tell when lifters are done?

How can you discern when lifters are bad? I purchased a head (with cam and lifters) from a shop but I also have a set of cams and lifters as well. What indicates a 'bad' lifter?

I noticed a few lifters plungers (terminology can be wrong here) can be manipulated with my finger or depressed and other lifters are very firm. I assume this is bad?

Or, doing a rebuild, is this an item that should be refreshed regardless? I've heard VW lifters are an option, I just dont know if its worth the price for performance gains or not. I already have essentially 2 sets so I figured I could get 1 solid set out of the lot and go with that... but I'd appreciate yalls input.
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If you're rebuilding it anyway new lifters are a fine plan, VW lifters are also less expensive in addition to being lighter.

The lifters you can move have probably pumped down, has a lot to do with when they are removed from an engine. It could also indicate that they are worn of course.

You can also replace lifters individually in this case, but I'd just do the whole set.
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If you're concerned, replace them all. There's not a great way to check them on the bench, as they will tend to leak down when sitting on the bench. They'll take awhile to pump back up and bleed all the air out when you first start the engine, too. The problem with checking them is that being able to squeeze them on the bench means that they aren't stuck, but they also might not seal during operation to maintain thickness. If you can't squeeze them, maybe the check valve is working great, or maybe it's stuck. You just can't really tell.

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Guess I can throw one more on the list... haha

Sucks to hear its nearly a crap shoot. I have 2 sets, would have been nice to pick the best of the lot.

Thanks for yalls input.
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I would only replace lifters with the cam. They seem to be pretty darned durable.
Unless they get noisy, then it's VW time. But 165k and 225k motors, both with
OE lifters, are fine.

Keep the lifters with the cam. On the same lobes. Life will be good.

now, sometimes I just mess with people. It's more entertaining that way. george graves
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