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Bmw e30 m20 turbo build

Hey guys,

Been a long time build skimmer and I think its about time I start my own
Please forgive my ignorance as this is my first turbo setup.

So my original plan was to slap and m62 with a 6spd tranny, a complete restoration as I love my e30 and want to do the job right and once.
Thats what the car looked like when I got it. It was in a pretty good condition no visible rust and was paint a few years before I got a hold of it. Believe it or not I managed to get the car for free from an older gentlemen who was using it to store books lol. So I towed it to my mechanic needed rear springs and shocks a radiator, brakes and rotors and that was it car drove for a good year all I needed to change in that year was oil.

and so the upgrade bug hit me all because of a friend with a 1971 240z with a little more then 420hp bullies the whole city lol

So I wanted more horsepower, and I really wanted the v8 rumble so I sourced an m62 with a 6spd tranny cost me 1800 a bit expensive I know but they are hard to find with good mileage.

Thats the oil pan modified to eliminate the need for spacers.

But unfortunately the engine was stolen from the garage and here I was contemplating what to do now. Anyways I kept going with the restore tackling tue rust there was alot on the floor especially the driver side

I lost alot of the pictures from the progress stupid phone
So here is what it looks like now

So now back to engine so idecided to keep the m20b25 and boost it as I under stand with arp headstuds and a good tune I can hit 500hp which is what I want so I sourced a turbo and almost everything that I need

Dont mind the shoe collection hehe

I also going with the big brakes so I got a hold of a pair of 4 piston calipers from an sti

Now I know the turbo I have is a cheap turbo from ebay I think but my main objective is to learn the turbo inside out and get it running.

Here is what I have for the interior so far

I will get the seats redone red
And here is what im doing with the dash

So this is what I need if you guys can help it would be great thanks

I need a detailed list to run a turbo from stand alone to injectors

I also need more info on sandwiched oil canister for turbo and where is should go, I will be adding more questions and update it as much I can.
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Stanley Rockafella
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congrats on the build so far!

good for you for cleaning up the rusty parts first!
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