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e34, obd-1 m52 overheating

I recently purchased a e34, with a already swapped m52 that had decided it didn't like its main bearings anymore. So needless to say that motor came out. and in with a new low mileage m52. FIRST, I bought this car with the bad motor. So I'm not aware if this issues was present before. I've flushed the radiator. It has a 88 degree thermo, new water pump. Bled the system for till absolutely no air was coming from the bleeder.

I also put a new shroud and clutch fan, since the previous owner removed them for an electric fan. SO pretty much everything is new. But the temps continue to rise on the gauge, I hooked up my scan tool and temps were reading 226*, WHich I instantly shut it down. I'm curious though has anyone ever seen a coolant temp sensor read high? It has the single round sensor with an adapter
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The cooling systems are very tricky to bleed, there's a step to step process on how to bleed the M30B35 which I think will be somewhat similar on your car, not exactly sure as I'm no expert.

But filling up the coolant and cracking the bleeder won't do, I did that the first time and my car started to overheat every time I got stuck in traffic. It has to be done the proper way
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Jumper your temp sender in the radiator to be sure your auxiliary fan is working properly on both speeds. You may have a bad resistor.
Pressure wash the cottonwood fuzz, dead birds, leaves and other miscellaneous junk out of your radiator. You should do this from the back side and shove everything out the front. It was amazing how much better my 535 cooled itself once I replaced my non functioning auxiliary fan and cleaned out the radiator. The radiator and the AC radiator can both clog up with stuff on the outside. I looked at the huge amount of gunk on my driveway afterward.
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