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1995 525i HELP!

Hey guys I am somewhat new to the forum so any help is great. I am looking at buying a 95 525i I found for $1200, the body and interior are in great shape, so the car has 201k miles on it and the owner says that the car starts up and idles great first try every time but after 10-15 minutes the car will sputter bog out and not restart or let you turn the key for about 10 minutes then it acts like nothing ever happend for the next 15 minutes until it cuts off again. The owner says he replaced the Crankshaft PS and he cleaned off the Camshaft PS and it ran for 45 minutes longer before bogging out. Any suggestions on what it might be? Any advice is appreciated! Maybe a new camps? Good buy? not worth the effort/fix? Cost to fix maybe? Thanks everyone

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You'd have to do some trouble shooting.
Does the check engine light come on? If so, you can do a stomp test and narrow down places to check depending on the code.
Assuming it cranks but doesn't fire, it could be a lot of things, like ECU temp sensor, ECU itself, main relay, fuel relay, fuel pump etc.

I don't see how it wouldn't let you physically turn the key though.....is it automatic?

Was any wiring or work done around the steering column? IE: Ignition switch?

95 should have EWS, so maybe something is funky with a component of that???
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201K, has the simple fuel filter been changed out?
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Ok, so there is no engine lights on or lights at all on the dash until after the car cuts off and the trans program message comes on the screen only after it is off. the car is an automatic but it starts and drives its just after awhile it cuts off so I think the EWS system would be fine or it wouldn't allow a restart at all right? Owner says he has never replaced the fuel filter so that would be a good start as well. Thanks guys
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