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M42 almost stalls.

hey so i just got my m42 back on the work after months of refresh on the engine and other parts of the car. So i flushed everything and put new fluids in but the tranny and the diff. I got the royal purple 75/90 i'll be putting into. and i'll do the tranny this weekend.

Right now I have one big problem though and I don't know where to start. So all spark and plugs new battery new new fuel pump, new AM O2 sensor, but after driving the for a lil while its act like it wants to stall out and won't go pass 50 or 60 in 5 or 6 gear. Even at 2nd gear it won't go really go faster than 20mph. This happens even blue moon like maybe 1-2 times a day. I'll turn car off and them back on and it acts ok again. What could it be clutch, diff, vacuum, ecu ? Im so lost.

I really want to enjoy it a full day of driving without having to deal with this also I want to add before being to drive it again this week the car was sitting for yearsssss!!!.
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Any fault codes?
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On the passenger's side of the firewall in the wiring, there is a small plug. If you plugged it in thinking it needed to be that way, it could be causing your problem. Un plug it and see what happens
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