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Dutertes Drug War

I didn't even realize it had gotten this bad.

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fucked up

one more reason to appreciate our constitution and our law enforcement
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My mother is from the Philippines (Quezon City), but I have never been myself. She was always scared that something bad might happen to me in her old neighborhood--perhaps be kidnapped for ransom since I am half British--so she always refused to bring me. I've been a little upset with her about this for most of my life because everyone else always said it would never be an issue and that she was being overly dramatic. Considering the great amount of Aussies and Kiwis who travel there every year without incident (or very little) I figured she was being overprotective as well.

But this is the kind of shit she was troubled by. She new that there will always be this layer of corruption and lawlessness. Even if you are completely clean, never touched a drug in your life, you can still end up shot in the street because his death squads "said so."

It's a great tragedy as the Philippines often seems like it'll finally blossom into a wonderful, economically and socially progressive country, but every decade or so a complete fuckhead like this gets elected and everything regresses. I still want to go there one day, but not while this monster is ruling with absolute and unchecked power.
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Originally Posted by BraveUlysses View Post
fucked up

one more reason to appreciate our constitution and our law enforcement
"Humanity has won its battle. Liberty now has a country"
Marquis de Lafayette
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my direct report at work is a filipino dude with a crazy amount of energy, he's tough to keep up with

i don't think he's planning on moving back to that country
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Originally Posted by Hooffenstein HD View Post
Fascism is the best political doctrine.
^ r3v, are we really okay with this?
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