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Question Performance Carbs

hi i own a 1985 bmw 316 with an m10b18 carb engine. I would like to increase a bit the performance by intorducing a performance (weber) carburator. Does anyone have an idea how much power difference would it make? what any other changes are needed along with this carburetor? any suggested links for the type of carburetor that fits? thanks a lot.
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I've got experience with the Redline Weber 38 dgas type carbs, with good success on everything I've put them on; Toyotas, SAAB, Nissans. I have not put one on a BMW but if it's anything like the other applications it will idle smoother and pickup some power. I'm in favor of this idea.

Plus I really like the tunability of the webers. Perhaps something like the Weber 32/34 DMTL would be better suited to the application?
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The 38/38 adds performance, especially with a cam.

I personally have had trouble with transition- feeding an open- plenum style
manifold, it doesn't like to get onto the mains from the transition circuits.
There are ways to improve this, but it's the one real weakness of an otherwise
excellent carb.

The 32/36 is close to the 38/38 in performance, but is easier to tune.
www.bmw2002faq.com will have a LOT on this.


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A lot of the 2002 guys swear by DCOE 40 or 45's on M10 depending on how much work has been done to them.
I loved my 45's:

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tks for the info guys
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