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E30 electric questions

I have done 316 swap to m20b25 from e34 and my electric harness is also from e34(i guess).
What are those two plugs?
And other thing, in my mass airflow sensor has round plug but my harness have square plug, do i need to get that right maf or cannot be wired somehow?
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I think you will have to get another afm but maybe you can splice the wires? have to wait for someone else to comment

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It might cost you a bit now, but, having made a mishmash car, electrically, I'd recommend
getting the M20 harness from your year E30 and fitting it to the engine.
It's a pain at first, but then, when it's done, you can just pull out the right
ETK and know what's going on.

If you cut and splice, years later you'll forget, mis- remember, have lost your notes,
etc. I have 2 etks AND 4 pages of notes and notations, and I'm sure there are things
that are still not right in there.

BMW changed enough stuff around (even just wire colors) that there's no reason making
it any harder than it already is. It'd also make the car an easier sell if you can say
"it's all 1987 wiring", for example.

Just what I learned the hard way.

now, sometimes I just mess with people. It's more entertaining that way. george graves
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You need an AFM with the appropriate connector. The part number ends in 082.
Originally Posted by nando View Post
Auto and Manual ix's use the same driveshaft. There's no difference in lenght because the tailshaft of the transfercase is the same on both cars. The ix also has no csb.
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