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As I have not received any answers on my inquiry a few weeks back, I have gone to the web for an answer (most of my searches come back here LOL). While I haven’t definitively found an answer, I have found this website useful for general wheel/tire inquiries:


I especially found this page useful for a great visual reference:


You can input your current tire and wheel specs (even input dimensions for fender, wheel well, strut clearance and even scrub radius) and then input a new tire and wheel spec to compare side by side.

Certainly helped me out and hopefully helps you.
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Trying to with 16s. 16x7.5 ET25 squared set

I wanted to go with 215/45/16s but my local shop doesnt have em. Should I instead go with 205/50, 205/45 or 225/45?

I like the meaty look but dont want it overdone since the wheels are only 7.5 - any thoughts or ideas?
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