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M52tub25 wiring

Hello all, Iíve got a m52tub25 engine all in my e30 and trying to figure out the wiring loom Iíve got to get, engine didnít come with a loom. I know I can get a loom made but what are the other options... get hold of someone breaking a 323? And get the loom off of them if so what needs to be included?
Thanks, just want to get the tourer back on the road.
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The looms that are made will only be able to adapt the m52tu engine wiring to plug into the e30 chassis. For right now, your only option would be to source the original engine wiring either from a junkyard or from someone parting an e46 out. Once you have that wiring, you will still need to get a wiring adapter (unless that is something you can do yourself).

Here is a link for a main engine harness that you will need. You will still need the transmission harness section and the ignition coil section.


Or this one:

Or this one:

Here is a listing for the transmission harness:

Here is a sample of the ignition coil harness:

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M52tu Wiring

I am also currently trying to do this swap as well. My e30 used to be a carbed 5.0 so it is completely stripped of all wiring. I pulled the entire harness out of my 325i e46. I am wondering what all is need to run the engine? If anyone has a pinout of systems that need to be connected and powered that would be amazing.
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