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CM5908 to Stock Amp

After 25+ years, I am finally pulling the garbage aftermarket stereo and amp from my 318 vert, and installing OEM parts that I scrounged over the years. Although I have a used/good condition plug for the amp (see photo), I was curious if there's a source for these in brand new condition. I purchased all of my new wiring from Cantaloupe, which is awesome, but they don't seem to have these. Any recommendations?

Secondly...several years ago, I remember seeing photos of another small booster that attaches to the amp, but I can't find any other reference that shows anything other than the amp and stereo itself. Perhaps this was just a non-factory part, but want to confirm this so I can ensure I'm not missing another integral part of the configuration. Any info is much appreciated. Many thanks!
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that's the connector for the BMW Sound System premium amp (rectangular speakers in the back with tilted tweeters). if your car came with it you will find it mounted on the pass side of the trunk just below the package shelf.

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