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1992 Lagunegrun / Green Manual E30 325i Convertible:

*********** S O L D ***********

1992 Lagunegrun / Green Manual E30 325i Convertible:

Rest of the pictures here:

Virtually all stock, 126k miles, and clean title. Starts strong, runs reliably well, and has never left me stranded. Currently registered, just passed smog a couple months ago.

Purchased in January 2015; I'm the 3rd owner. The second owner owned the car for about two months before I purchased it. It was purchased in the Bay Area and has lived it's whole life here. Daily driven for about a year and a half until I bought an e92 to daily. Then it became more of a Friday commute/weekend car. Lately, due to some shifting priorities in my life and a busier schedule, it rarely gets driven anymore and I hate to have it collect dust when it could be driven and enjoyed by someone else.

Some key repairs/maintenance that have been completed over the years:
  • New battery
  • Front seats reupholstered in Jan 2015 at around 110k miles
  • Alternator replaced at 108k miles
  • Control arm bushings replaced at 102k miles
  • Fuel pump replaced at 99k miles
  • Water pump and thermostat replaced at 97k miles
  • Soft top replaced at 86k miles in Nov 2007. Still looks super fresh!
  • Steering rack replaced at 72k miles
  • Timing belt replaced at 59k miles.

And a few issues:
  • The electric top recently stopped working. It will not fully retract -- I looked into it and it looks like the linkage bar connection to the pivot is broken -- a common cause of electric top failure.
  • Small tear on the passenger side soft top. A little piece of black tape on the interior keeps the water out.
  • Three dashboard cracks (see pic)
  • Tear in the passenger seat (see pic)
  • Rear bumper and trunk brake light housing paint fading (see pic)
  • Some cracks in rear bumper (see pic)

*********** S O L D ***********


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I waste 90% of my day here and all I got was this stupid title
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Wow not often you find a 5 spd 92, every 92 seems to be a 325iCA. GLWS
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very nice car with a very nice price. Wish I lived in cali!
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