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5 lug brake bias adjustment

Ok, so for my 5 lug i've got E36m3 front calipers (60mm piston), e34 rear calipers (38mm piston), and an e36m3 master cylinder but i'm confused about the rear brake bias valve. As you know the E30 has a separate rear bias valve located below the brake booster. I've far as i've been able to figure the E36/m3 has no separate valve like the E30. If I remove the E30 bias valve will my car have the same bias as a e36m3 (disregaurding the rear piston difference?) Or does the E36 have some sort of rear bias valve I don't know about? Where is massive lee when I need him lol
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While I dont know this personally, I am about to be in the same boat as you (upgraded to E36 M3 fronts, e30 m3 rears)....I would remove the bias valve for the rear and get an adjustable unit. I know there is a lot of fancy math involved in perfecting the bias adjustment, so dont take it lightly (front/rear pressure differences between the surface area of each caliper piston, etc).
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According to realoem, there does not appear to be a bias valve for the e36 M3. My guess would be that the e36 MC dictates a static bias so you could remove the e30's. However, if the e30 bias valve works on threshold, it shouldn't matter if you leave it in, it would net the same proportions as e30s were designed for. Since you don't have any e30 calipers though, I agree with adding your own adjustable unit to dial in your custom combination of calipers.

Lee will know definitively, I am thinking out loud and have my own biasing problems with the stock setup!
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