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Car Covers

Anyone have a recommendation for an outdoor car cover for their E30? I am near the Seattle area if there is a specific shop any of you have used out here.

*Need one that is waterproof*

Dealing with water leaking into the trunk and need to keep her dry during these lovely months.

Thanks for the help!

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Buy the OEM one. Kinda pricey but fits like a glove and won't tear easily.
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^^ If you're talking about the OEM 'Noah' one, then no, don't buy it. It actually kinda sucks.

Pricey and fits well - yes, and while it won't tear as easily as a $50 ebay special, I've had two that degraded in about a year's time, one so much that it ripped right at one of the mirror pockets to about 2/3rds the way down the door. They're nowhere near as good as the 'Noah' covers you used to be able to get from Wolf, and seeing as how they were bought out years ago I'm assuming the same is true for the 'Noah' name these covers carry, and are just more cheaply made. They don't repel water much at all and don't breathe anything like the ones from years back. Short story short, I haven't really been pleased with them and wouldn't recommend them.

I've recently obtained a 'mosom plus' offering from CoverKing. Costs a bit more and dare I say fits even more snugly. I can't really swear by it yet since it's only been a matter of weeks, but so far it's actually been repelling water kinda the same way I remember old Noah covers being able to do. I'd honestly have to give it till the end of the year to be able to make an even comparison, but I do believe I'd buy another one of these before I shelled out anymore loot for another OEM cover from BMW.

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