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e30 converted to M52TUB OBD2

hello, I've been on this project for sometime now, having personal things going on in life that has kept me away from this project. i have a few questions that some of you out there may be able to answer. i also plan to get all the following deletes: rear 02, SAP, EWS, fuel tank sensor, muffler flap valve.

air and fuel:
seeing that everyone in just about every M5X swap, tend to go for the ODB1 intake manifold from the M50 because of the power gains and moving around the fact of having to worry about the remote fuel pump regulator (RFPR). i have my engine from a e46. i have the sensors for the e46 intake boot that comes off the throttle body and goes to the air box. im just wondering if anyone has any information on using a ODB1 manifold when your end goal is to go ODB2.

i plan to stick with the 260g that came out of my 325I e30. but with this being a different engine i would like to know if using a single mass m20 flywheel is within question at all or if i should go a different route.

looking for some ideas on a booster with little to no modifications. i have been thinking about moving the original booster over just a little and welding that one little fork to make a slight change so you dont have to move any of the pedals.



wondering what the best option for a radiator is. i also plan to go electric cooling for the fan operation.


i have all kinds of information already and ive been doing hours and hours of research. but i would just like everyones opinions and facts. thank you.
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I am in the process of doing the same..
M52TU in my E30 my cousin did a S52 in a E30 some Years ago he showed me some pics of M50 Intake manifold shaved ever-so slight to clear the stock brake booster.
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