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Importing E30 to US

Hello. I'm interested in bringing an E30 touring to New York from the UK. Who has experience with this process?

Obviously the car is over 25 years old so that is not a problem. I read that if you bring the car into the Baltimore port its cheapest (I got a quote for $800). Then there are additional port fees and unloading charges that apply (almost $1000). What else do I need to know? What do I need on the UK side? On the Baltimore side?

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Just some advice, if you care at all about later resale value, you would do well to try to import a left hand drive model.

This should tell you what you need to know in New York:

You'll also need EPA and DOT waivers.

The only part I'm not very sure on is how New York handles SMOG testing. I'm pretty sure New York does regular emission testing and follows California standards, so I don't know how they handle EPA exempt vehicles. They could be like California and still require SMOG compliance, or they could be like the rest of the country and honor EPA exemption.

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There is a pinned (and directly above this one) titled "DIY: How to Import an E30 Touring"

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