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Ground control recommends 95 m3 control arms? Seems to conflict with other sources

Spoke to ground control re: their e36 on e30 strut housing

They recommended that 95 m3 parts up front give the best suspension geometry for an e30

Everywhere else i look recommends 96 m3 arms with offset bushing to move the castor 10mm forward compared to 95 m3 arms with offset bushings to properly center the wheel.

Was wondering for anyone elses input into this?
Could the ground control e36 on e30 strut housing negate the need for 96+ arms with offset bushing?

Thanks for any help

Here's link to the kit
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Old 06-15-2018, 06:24 PM   #2
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The kit uses a custom strut housing to correct the geometry differences when using E36 spindles. Its not the same geometry as any other setup, so use what they recommend for best results

M42 on VEMS
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I just called them yesterday - what wazzu said basically. I think (guessing here), GC used to make their kit standard where you needed 96+ spindles and 95 CArms to get the geometry correct (or as close as possible to it). But now, if you go to the site, they ask you to specify whether you have 95 M3 spindle 96+ M3 spindle, or even non-M spindle! So I guess you can have whatever spindle and control arms that you want now, they just design the strut housing accordingly to what you plan to run. Thats what I am guessing.
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