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89 325iC with a stock m20B25- looking to add 80-100 HP

Hey guys, as the title says, I have a bone stock 89 vert with the M20B25 engine that has 170k on the odo. I have been researching performance for a while and have been vacillating between FI, S52 swap or a 3.1L stroker from IE.

The problem I run into is twofold: e30tech's forum is largely defunct, so there is less organic info at the ready than there once was, and secondly, I don't want a huge power output... looking to add between 80-100HP.

So with that in mind, I'm trying to figure out the best course of action for such a build. FI seems the most cost efficient for this type of power add, and I think a 666 mani and Holset turbo are my main build points.

But I wanted to hit up this lot for advice, tips and otherwise solid info for a low-power add FI build.

I expect to need 24lb injectors, but will I need a new chip? How much of the parts in the TDC style kits is overkill if I'm not looking for 300-600 whp?

Are there any ares that cost can be saved b/c of the power range I'm looking at?

Thanks for any and all help, looking forward to learning even more!
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Honestly the 'lower power' chip+fpr+injectors+afm tuning route might save you a few hundred bucks over a standalone system, but if it is only a little more to 'do it right' with a megasquirt that could also be used on a S52 swap or a 3.1L stroker from IE...

Honestly I think the price of turbo kits nowadays is more about fitment and time than about the components themselves. You can find some really cheap stuff on ebay, and megasquirt is really cheap if you solder it all yourself... but might have to spend all day getting it to actually work. But then it does work. Sometimes.

I guess as I get older I consider initial price + time instead of just price, since I will likely only have a day or so a week to mess with it.

The TCD stage 1 kit or the KAMotors budget brawler kit would work fine for what you are talking about, is only slightly more than finding everything on ebay, and will hopefully actually mostly fit. If your engine blows up and needs to be rebuilt, you can also swap to the m/s50 block or strokers when that time comes. 170k is just broken in on these engines but they also cant last forever especially with abuse and bad spark timing.

Check out their sites and go down the parts list and see if you can make it any cheaper. My bet is you cant. Looking at both sites it seems like the fpr+chip is about $400 and megasquirt is about $800.

If you want less power just stay at lower boost with a smaller turbo. Almost every other part of your kit will be the same.
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