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Too good to be true?


Im looking for some new headers for my m20b25 and I came across these. The price is insanely low for some performance headers. Pictures can be deceiving but the quality looks decent. I googled the company name and they have pretty good feedback but I just wanted to know if anyone has personal experience with this company
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Almost certainly same deal as the stuff sold all over eBay. I’ve seen them go as low as 80 bucks shipped. Expect the flanges to not be quite right and the welds to not last, but they are decent if you have medium fab ability and can keep them together.
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The man is not wrong



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Good luck. There are plenty of reviews on here that aren't the "ebay feedback" type. Just search "Chinese M20 headers".
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Old 01-11-2019, 11:11 AM   #5
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I've had a couple headers like these in my possession. I never used any of them, the quality was just obviously terrible. I don't have a picture of the S54 headers I had, but the alignment of the ports was hilariously bad. like, +/-1/2" tolerance.
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Pro tuning lab headers actually do fit decent. Definitely need modification and persuasion where they come out on the bottom though

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