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Garagistic delrin subframe and RTAB bushings + subframe reinforcements-AVOID

Like the title says, I bought pretty much the ENTIRE garagistic catalogue for my car regarding bushings, even some shifter bushings. NOTHING has fit, period. The subframe reinforcement plates don't like up properly and had to be heavily modified, some such as the rear strut tower reinforcement platers don't even work as they literally cover the bolt holes for the struts and there isn't even have enough material to drill holes for them...

The delrin subframe bushings are WAY over tolerance and will not go into the subframe period...The Delrin RTABS can't even get the aluminum sleeve to insert into the bushings OUT of the trialing arm...I gave them the benefit of the doubt and tried the same method everyone uses as far as drawing the bushings together in the trailing arm, and all I did was successfully strip a grade 8 bolt in the process, destroy the bushing, and succeed in getting it so stuck in the trailing arm due to it being over sized that I honestly have no idea how I am going to get it out now...

How any company can release a series of products like this is well beyond me. I had one of my mechanic buddies double check everything and work with me because I honestly thought it was just me, but it honestly is not.

Even going back to the shifter bushings and shift carrier bushing I bought form them, they all had to be modified significantly to get to work...WTF

Learn from my mistakes and do not waste a good amount of money on garbage products.
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