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I personally think the timing is probably a bit aggressive if the head was lifting! Nonetheless, if the tuner thinks that it's the best timing, OK. Stock head bolts? With that said, the timing table doesn't look too bad to me.

I was surprised to see how well the fuel was tunedódespite the relatively flat upper fuel areas. I do think that it could use more fuel in the transition cells from just above 100kpa to full boost. It goes leaner than I'd like in that area. However, I'm always quite conservative in my tunes, so...

Regarding EGO control and AFR targets, you need to adjust them so that they are inline with what the tuner wanted to aim for. It looks like 11.5 or 11.3 in boost. Adjust your target AFR table.

When you get better weather, do a log of the 3rd gear issue you have. Drivability areas of a tune are the hardest part of the tune, imo.
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Thanks again for reviewing the info. Ya went way above and beyond. Aside from the blow by issue the car does run well. Its good to know the tune looks good as I can't review the logs at this time. I may pull some timing to be safe. Hopefully the new arps will hold the head down haha
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