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No Voltage to big red wire into the starter?

My starter only clicks when I turn the key, but does not spin. I have a 1987 325is and the starter system in my car has only 2 wires, a large red one and a smaller black one. I assume that the small black one is for the solenoid and the big red one is for the main power.

Using a multimeter I noticed that the small black wire gets 12 volts when the key is turned all the way, but the larger red wire does not get any voltage, staying at 0v. Are there any places upstream from this wire that I can inspect? This happened after I reinstalled my transmission into the car.

Anybody have any ideas?
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On my 85E, there is a battery junction block on the firewall by the battery tray. And the battery cable goes from the battery to that junction block. Then from that block to the starter. Start there.

Also, "after I reinstalled my transmission " check the engine ground wires.
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Where did your ground wire from the starter go?
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Originally Posted by dnguyen1963 View Post
Where did your ground wire from the starter go?
What are you talking about? The starter is grounded through the block. So, the "starter ground" would be the engine ground straps. If the starter clicks, the grounds are probably good.
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