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Plug and play radio adapter harness for E30

Just in case anyone doesn't know this BMW makes a radio adapter harness for the E30 so there's no need to hack up your original wiring when installing a new radio. Perfect for putting the original radio back in your car when you're showing it or going to sell it.

These are the part numbers and both are still available to order from Germany as of the time of this writing:
Adapter for E30s with 4 channel factory radio (e.g. CM5908 & KE-83ZBM): 65129410558
Adapter for E30s with 2 channel factory radio (e.g. CM5905, CM5907, & KE-81ZBM): 65128350192

The BMW adapter allows you to connect a newer BMW radio with the 17 pin connector. To connect an aftermarket head unit you can then connect that to the common aftermarket BMW wiring adapter such as the American International BWH470 or Metra 70-8590.

I haven't yet found a matching connector for the factory amplifier, but I discovered the male pins from the later model oxygen sensor connector (E46, etc) fit into the pins on the amp connector, so it may be possible to make jumper wires to do the amp bypass mod without cutting the connector off. The pins are part number 61130007657. They are Kostal LKS 1,5 ELA series. The original connector is AMP/TE, probably 1.5mm System.

Note: Depending on the setup in your E30, it may be unrealistic to repurpose the stock wiring for an aftermarket install in an unmodified state. For example, the late model premium sound system combines the speaker grounds at the radio and then again at the amp, so the best solution is probably to run new wires (such as RCAs to an aftermarket amp). If the stock amp is retained it looks like only the positive speaker wires should be connected to the aftermarket HU.

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