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Fuggly Stick
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Sorting out headlights before I retrofit some bi-xenon

I have an 88 325is and the way the headlights work is wrong. Headlight knob in, key in the on position and the lows are on. When I pull the knob to middle headlights stay on and sidemarkers turn on. When I pull the knob all the way headlights turn off and sidemarkers stay on. Also when I pull the turn signal stalk to flash the highs all 4 lights are on but i think if I flick it forward to keep highs on nothing happens. I think the k3 and k4 relays have been changed and the stalk issue is separate problem. Or maybe i have a bad headlight switch/knob?
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Grease Monkey
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You need to figure out the source of the problems, so be methodical.

First I would remove the switch, and using the ETM check to see if it is operating properly. Based on the ETM drawings you can deduce which pins should have continuity to each other, depending on the switch location. If something isn't adding up, open up the switch and see what's wrong. The contacts inside have springs, don't lose them when you open the switch.

If the switch checks out, check your relays. If those check out, check your dash wiring for frays or melted wiring.

Your stalk issue doesn't sound outright wrong, pushing forward on the high beams doesn't do anything unless you have your headlights already on.
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