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I have this with the uuc Evo3 ssk, worth every penny
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Hey everyone, just wanted to resurrect this thread to see if anyone had any new, solid answers for obtaining a dssr for the E30 M42/Getrag 240 combination. Have any advancements emerged in the last few years?

Here's the situation: want to refurb the shifter linkage (all appropriate bushings, pins, clips, boot, etc), and want to keep it stock EXCEPT for the dssr (no short shift). Been looking at UUC, AKG, and even custom options. No one seems to specify whether they make one specifically for a '91 318is. Please help!:

1. Anyone know the exact length the dssr should be? Is it 189mm? Should I be looking at dssr's that fit a pre-94 E36?

2. Anyone experience any fitment issues? I don't want to drop the driveshaft for the install, and I REALLY don't want to have to modify one the way that this thread's OP did.

3. What about the plastic spacer/washers that nomally cushion the stock selector bar - still use those with a dssr?

4. Anything I should look out for???

Thanks guys!
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I have the DSSR on my 91 e30 m42 318is. I had to get the e39 m5 version. It is 1mm shorter but works just fine. I did get the SSK from UUC as well. No fitment issues and I replaces all the other parts with new BMW made items. The spacers came with the DSSR. I would recommend changing out the selector bushing and it comes with the foam filter. I have an extra filter because I order the bushing and filter not realizing it came with it.
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