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Green Arrow
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Quick Help Needed - Z3 i4 Rear Conversion

Hey Everyone,

I purchased my e30 with parts for a 5 lug conversion provided (or so I was told). After a lot of going back and forth, I've finally got the front sorted and we are good to go.

For the rear, I now have Z3 4 cylinder trailing arms fitted, calipers, disks, pads and everything was 99% done. I connected up the e30 axles only to find out that they're a little too short and only get 2 threads coming out of the hub to tighten thee nut on to.

So now I either go and buy z3 i4 axles or I rethink my whole strategy? Since I have the z3 calipers, disks, etc, would it make more sense now just to get a Z3 i6 hub and use my original e30 trailing arms?

Would doing the 6 cylinder hub fitment on the e30 trail arms give me more wheel offseet to play with over doing the z3 i4 trailing arms that I believe will stick out further?

Any help is appreciated.

Thanks, Sam

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Wheel offset should be the same with Z3 4cyl or 6cyl. Its the bearing sizes that differ. I "think" you need to just get z3 axle shafts.. Maybe theres a difference in the flanges?

I just used 6cyl z3 bearings, hubs, and brakes when I did mine, and the E30 axles worked fine
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